ndOffice Error Handling



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ndOffice communicates with the NetDocuments servers via a secured SSL connection to prevent inadvertent data loss. Certain errors may occur during the communication process due to:

  • Local Internet failures
  • Slow responses or no responses at all from the intermediate Internet gateways
  • Errors returned from the NetDocuments servers

Error messages are intended to communicate to the user a cause and resolution of a problem that might have occurred. In this case, ndOffice automatically backs up the document copy for the user, and then users need to manually upload it to NetDocuments. Errors and the link to the Backup directory can also occur if the error is thrown when not explicitly saving the document, but in those cases, there is no need to back up the unsaved document.

Server errors (500 and 404 error) from document upload

The error message when saving documents in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint


This error appears due to errors during the document upload. A copy of the document is placed to the Backup folder.


Users need to click OK, and then try to upload the document again. If the error persists, they need to upload the modified document manually from the Backup folder. To resolve this issue, users need to submit a support request including trace logs as well as the document name and ID.

Server errors (502-504) or redirects (302) from document metadata


This error appears in the following cases:

•        The document metadata fails to be saved

•        Server errors during the document upload


Users need to try again when the connection is restored.

No Internet connection when opening documents

The errors message when opening documents in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint


This error message appears when the user is logged in to NetDocuments but there is no Internet connection. Users can also see an inline message in the navigation tree when trying to open the needed document from a location of the ndOffice Open dialog box.


Users need to restore the Internet location.

Document has been edited locally in the Echo folder and is not synchronized with the document version on the server

The synchronization error message


This error happens when the user opens a document where ND web has more recent edits than those in the Echo folder, but changes to the local echo folder weren’t updated because of a failure at save time.


The changed document has been copied to the Backup folder. The echoed copy is now overwritten with the newer copy from the server, and now it is synchronized. The user should open the document from the Backup folder, and then either save as a version of the document or incorporate the changes manually.

Closing the document without saving

The last autosaved version error message


The user has not saved the document.


If users have selected the Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving check box under File > Options > Save, and then close the document before saving it, this message notifies them that even if they do not want to save the introduced changes, ndOffice copies the unsaved document to the Backup folder. To make this option unavailable, clear the Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving check box in the corresponding application.

Document fails to check in due to 302/500/502-504/409/407/403/404/401 errors

The document fails to check in error message


The document check-in fails, but the document has been successfully saved to NetDocuments. This error occurs only when the NetDocuments servers or intermediate Internet gateways are responding with errors. Users can try to check in the document by going directly to NetDocuments.


If the problem continues, submit a support request with the document name, ID, time of the event, and a set of trace logs.

Open items in the Open or Attach dialog boxes for 500, 502-504 server errors or redirects (302)


When trying to open or attach an item, a server error occurs in the process; as a result, the user is notified with a corresponding message displayed in the previous example or the same dialog with the document name, depending on the actual operation that failed during the open process. (ndOffice gets information about the document prior to trying to save it).


If the error message is no longer displayed, it could have been a temporary server failure. If the error message appears again, submit a support request including a trace log of the failure, the document ID, and the time this error has occurred.

Uploading messages failed 500 and 404 error

The error message when saving an email


When trying to save a single or several emails from Outlook, either the server error occurs or the connection takes too long to connect to NetDocuments.


If the error message is no longer displayed, it could have been a temporary server error. If the error persists, submit a support request including a trace log of the error.

Notifications about ongoing uploads on logout, exit, and offline mode

The ongoing upload error message


The user logs out or exits ndOffice while a document upload is in process.


The user needs to start or log in to ndOffice again, and then documents will automatically upload. OK will stop the Upload and Cancel will ignore the user attempt to log out or exit ndOffice.