Error when profiling a document to an Author with a Linked User



When profiling a document, users may see this message:

"The 'Author' is the current linked user attribute and can only be changed by an admin." 



This is likely caused by having additional profile-based security on another attribute (Matter, etc.). The PBS is causing the user to lose their "A" (admin) rights to the document. 

By profiling the document to the selected Author, it is assigning another user to the document with "A" rights. 

This means the user won't be able to use the Author attribute, because they are giving someone else "A" rights, or more rights than what they currently have. 


  • Adjust the PBS to not remove the user's "A" rights. 
  • Have an administrator (or another user with "A" rights) profile the document.
  • Disable Link to User for the Author attribute.