ndOffice Echo Folder Subfolders


The Backup subfolder

A copy of the document is placed in the Backup subfolder of the Echo folder in the following cases:

  • If the user closes the document with unsaved changes and answers “don’t save” when prompted. This only happens if the Office application option in File | Options | Save | “Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving” is enabled (it is by default).
  • If any error occurred when saving a new document or a new version. The document will be moved to the Backup subfolder and the user will work from that document until it’s closed.
  • If any error occurred when uploading content, the document will be copied to the Backup
  • If the user opens a document which has new changes on ND Web, but changes from the Echo folder weren’t uploaded (because of a failure) it will be copied to the Backup

To open the Backup folder:

  • Click the ndOffice Echo Backup link in any of the confirmation messages that appear when exiting the Microsoft Office application without saving changes or when an error is thrown.
  • Click the Info tab on the File menu, and then click Open Backup Folder.

The documents that were copied to the Backup folder need to be checked in to NetDocuments manually. The user needs to find the document with the most recent edits in the Backup folder, and then upload it as a new version, or overwrite the existing version.

When the user opens a document from NetDocuments, edits it, and does not save changes, its copy is silently saved to the Backup folder. The document is closed and checked in, but the changes are not available on the ND Web, as they have not been saved. Again, this is dependent upon the Office application option for in File | Options | Save | “Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving” is enabled.

The document is saved to the Backup folder in the following format:

Document name Document ID Version ((Unsaved_long date format in UTC and current user settings)).extension.

The Attachments subfolder

Documents attached to emails are copied to the Attachments folder. Attachments are deleted from the Attachments folder after 1 hour and 1 minute, regardless of the value specified in the EchoRetention registry setting.

The Comparisons subfolder

The Comparisons folder contains the compared documents. To find more information on how to compare documents, see the following section.