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  • OS: Windows 7, 8, & 10; Mac
  • Browser: Yes
  • Devices: iOS and Android

The NetDocuments ndThread award-winning collaboration technology brings together key activities — conversations, documents, and more — into a unified, topic-based solution.

Discover how ndThread’s technology drives productivity and enhances the workflow of teams.

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  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, & 10 or Mac
  • Browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, IE
  • Devices: iOS and Android

Download ndThread

ndThread is an add-on to NetDocuments purchased separately. Please contact NetDocuments Sales for information to add this product to your subscription. 

If your firm has not licensed ndThread, you will not be able to take advantage of the application.  In this case, after logging in, you will see the following message:


ndThread for Desktop - Windows and Mac

Download the ndThread installer from the links below and follow the instructions:

ndThread for Mobile - iOS and Android

Download the ndThread mobile app from the links below:

Access ndThread

Apart from browser, ndThread is also available for Windows and Mac as a desktop app and for iOS and Android as a mobile app. 
If you prefer to use your browser, click one of the links below, depending on the NetDocuments service you connect to:
ndThread supports the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, IE).
If you are logged in to NetDocuments in the same browser, then you do not need to login to ndThread. 

The first time you access ndThread, a message prompt asks you to allow ndThread to access your NetDocuments account. Select Allow and proceed. You need to do this only one time.

Support and Feedback

If you have any feedback, questions or report issues, please contact us at or call at the closest customer support center:

  • US customers, call 801-226-6882 or 866-NETDOCS (638-3627).
  • EU customers, call +44(0) 2034.556770.
  • AU customers, call +61 2 8310 4319.

We thank you for your input and feedback and appreciate you using NetDocuments and associated product features. We value you as a customer. 

The NetDocuments Team

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