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ndMail is the next-generation predictive email management application with a full cloud architecture built on the NetDocuments trusted platform.

The ndMail application offers a seamless Microsoft Outlook experience, intelligently saving, filing, and managing your documents and emails. 

With firm-wide predictive filing, a global filing indicator, and powerful search with filtering via NetDocuments web interface, ndMail helps you organize your work in Outlook.

To set up and install ndMail, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have met all ndMail Setup Requirements.
  2. Before ndMail installation, follow the steps to Configuring Exchange Web Services for ndMail and Configuring Impersonation for ndMail.
  3. Follow best practices for downloading and installation, see ndMail Installation.
  4. Configuring the Exchange connection in the Repository.

See ndMail Getting Started for a list of help topics. See ndMail Troubleshooting if you need help with ndMail.


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