NetDocuments links in iOS are opening in Safari instead of the Netdocuments app


Problem: When clicking on NetDocuments links in iOS,  Safari is opening and not the NetDocuments iOS application.

This leaves you on the mobile site which is not as feature rich as the iOS app.

Cause: iOS allows for a switch in the behaviour for universal links by opting the <ApplicationName switch in the top left of the screen after it opens in NetDocuments iOS app. 

For example if you opened a Netdocuments link from Safari and it opened in the Netdocuments app but you clicked the <Safari button, this will remember the setting and future NetDocuments links will open in Safari. 


To undo the change, you need to pull down from the top of the screen whilst in Safari to reveal this screen and the Open in the NetDocuments app button.



If this is not showing for you, please proceed to reinstall the Netdocuments application which should restore the functionality.