Why Should I Register My Email Domain?


Repository Administrators can register their company email domain with NetDocuments. This provides a few additional features. 

Change Users Email Address

When an email domain is registered, a repository administrator can change the email address of users who have an email address with the registered domain.

For example, if I am the administrator for Adams Adams & Webster LLC, and my firm's domain is @aawlaw.com, then I can only change the email address for user accounts that have an @aawlaw.com email address. 


This can be especially useful if the password for a user account cannot be reset because the user's email account has been closed or deleted. The administrator can change the email address in order to reset the password for the account. 

NOTE: Administrators will not be able to change the user's username. Only users can change their username.

NOTE: Domains such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, and other generic domains cannot be registered.

Enable Federated Identify

Registering an email domain is a required step when configuring federated identity. The registered email domain facilitates the link between an employee's NetDocuments account and their network user profile.

For example, if you have enabled federated identity for your repository and the user’s email address matches the registered domain, you will see the option to “Link user with identity provider”: 


How To Register an Email Domain

Contact NetDocuments Support by submitting an online request. A support agent needs approval from an administrator via a support ticket in order to register a domain. The request needs to state the email domain to be registered and the repository for which it will be registered. The repository administrator submitting the request needs to have an email address with the same domain they want registered.

You may register more than one email domain per repository, but a domain may be registered with only one repository at a time.