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Use special searches to find emails sent to or from you, deleted items, or in languages written from right to left or bottom to top.

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Special Searches

On the Advanced Search page, you will have a Search Options menu. This includes the following options:


1. Emails from Me - this will do a search for all .msg files sent by me.

2. Emails to Me - this will do a search for all .msg files sent to me. 

3. My recently created docs - this is a canned search that shows the documents you have created in the last 14 days.  You can always do a manual search with a different date range.

4. Unprofiled Documents - this option shows all documents that you have created where required profile values have not been entered. Generally this would be done for each person's own documents to assist them in completing the profiles.

Other Searches

Searching Deleted Items

On the bottom of the Advanced Search page is a check box to search "Deleted items Only." This option allows a user to search only those documents which have been deleted (but not purged) and to which they have access rights. This searching is restricted to one Cabinet at a time. Any search criteria can be used when searching a deleted document.

From the Deleted Items Search Results page, any or all documents can be undeleted. If you are a Cabinet Administrator, you will have an additional option in the Search Results Options menu to permanently delete all documents returned in that specific search.

Right-to-Left and Bottom-to-Top Language Searching

You are able to search Asian, Hebrew, and Arabic characters in the text of documents by entering the desired characters into the Everything field.  You can also search Asian, Hebrew, and Arabic characters in the Name of a document.