Office 2016 Backstage Issue


Update: We are pleased to announce that Microsoft has resolved this bug and they have told us that it is set to be released in an update to Office 365 in February. No change is required for your ndOffice since it is a Microsoft bug. We recommend, as always, that you install the latest updates to your Office and Windows software when those updates become available.

The Problem:

The custom ndOffice options NDOpen and NDSave are disabled. This is an issue with Office 2016 related specifically to update 16.0.6366.2036 for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016 (desktop version).

The issue occurs not only with ndOffice, but is also shared by other vendors who have custom options.

View this short video, then read about the recommended workaround below.


Recommended Workaround:

Turn off the backstage for Open and Save:  

  1. Go to File > Options > Save
  2. Check box: “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files.”

NOTE: After you turn off the backstage, you have to manually add the Save As and Open options to the Quick Access toolbar. These buttons will not automatically show up there. 

What this workaround does:

  • Quick access toolbar will display Save and Open icons. These will immediately launch ndOffice.
  • Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+S and Ctrl+O will directly launch the ndOffice dialogs. 
  • File > Save will take you to the normal save menu that brings up the ndOffice dialog.


10/25/2016 Update:

We have had some customers come across a very similar issue with the Office "First Release" version 16.0.7426.1008.  This issue prevents the ND Save and ND Open options from being displayed on the Office Backstage menu.  If you are using this version of Office you will need to set your Office 365 Organization to use the “Standard Release” channel rather than the “First Release” channel. ndOffice is only supported in the production versions of Office, we do not support using beta or “First Release” versions of Office. There are instructions for disabling "First Release" here.