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Quick Search

To do a Quick Search:

1) Locate the search box at the top of the page:


2) Enter your search criteria. This can be a single word or a phrase.

The Quick Search will use your Primary Cabinet you have designated under Settings. 

You can choose to search in all fields (Everything) or in just the Name/Subject field (shown below). Your most recent selection will be the default. 


The Everything field is often referred to as a "keyword" search or All Attributes search. It is primarily used for a broad search for variations of a particular word, phrase, or number.

For more narrow or specific searches, use the Advanced Search page. There, you can perform searches by metadata (tags), such as Client, Matter, Subject, Author, date, or file type.


Recent Searches

You will see a list of your 3 most recent searches. Hovering over a recent search will display a summary of the search criteria, and the option to edit the criteria. Click the search to run it again. 


Expand the list to view up to 10 recent searches.

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