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After a search is executed, the results that match the search criteria will be displayed in a list view. From here, you can further refine the search, or take a number of actions on the documents. 

Search Refinement

The Search Results page includes a Search Refinement pane. This panel allows you to select from the available metadata returned in the search to further refine the original search results.


To apply a metadata filter to search results, select a field from the left-hand side. The pop-out will allow you to select one or more values among those returned by the search.


The order of the fields in the refinement pane is determined by the layout defined on your Advanced Search page.

Search Result Options

Options are available on the Search Results page. These options will apply to ALL documents returned in the search results (up to 10,000 items), not just the ones that are displayed in the list at that time.  


Search Result Options include:

Copy all results - this allows you to copy all the items in this search to another cabinet.

Delete all Results -  this will delete all documents in the result page you have rights to delete. For an Administrator this will delete up to 10,000 in a result.

Edit profiles - edits the profile of all the documents in the search result up to 10,000 items.

Modify access - this allows administrators to modify the access list of all the documents in the search result list up to 10,000 items.

Print List - prints the list of items contained in the search result up to 500. For an Administrator this will print up to 10,000 in a result. You will be emailed a list.

Review - opens the documents in the Review window where users can Rename or file the document(s) in another folder.  

Save Search - this option lets you save the search results as a Saved Search so it can be easily re-used.

Show criteria - displays the detailed search criteria entered for the results shown.  

Some of these options - Modify Access, Edit Profile, and Delete - are only available to Cabinet Administrators when searching within a single cabinet. 

When searching for documents, the official version will be returned in the search results.


Additionally, you can sort the search results after executing a search by clicking the column headings at the top of the search result list:


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