Allowing End-Users to Upload Lookup Tables


A repository administrator can allow a user or group of users to have access to update a repository's lookup tables without giving them access to the rest of the Repository Administration features.

Warning - this takes a bit of work and some training. For example, users need to have the correct headers and format in their upload file, and they need to know what they are doing in regard to using the Replace or Delete options. 

1) Create a new user group. Call it "Table Admins" or something else to identify that group.

You do NOT need to add this group to a cabinet's membership list.

2) Click Modify Group to edit the group's settings. You will see the option to allow that group to modify the lookup tables. 

3) Then add the members who you want to be able to modify the tables to the right-hand column:

When those users log in, they will see Admin in the top right corner: 


Clicking that link will take the user directly to the Upload Lookup Table page (they will not be able to use the online editor):

From there the user can upload a CSV file to create new entries in the table or edit existing entries using the Update option, or remove existing rows using the Delete command (shown above).

In most cases, they would probably just use the Update option to add new rows to the table. In this case, the user could keep a local copy of the table (with the correct headers). They would just add a new line in the table, upload it using the Update option. 

The Replace option would rarely be used, as that will remove the entire existing table, and replace it with just the file that was uploaded (whereas Delete will only delete those rows that are uploaded). 

For more information about how to create and use a CSV file to modify your lookup tables, see our article about Modifying Tables Using CSV.