End of Life information - SOAP API - December 31, 2016


Over the last couple of years, we have introduced a new REST API for the NetDocuments Service. That API is the preferred API to use when creating interfaces, integrations, and add-ins to the NetDocuments Service.

Because of the advent of that API, we no longer need the SOAP API and will discontinue support for it. We have already alerted those who are writing interfaces and integrations with NetDocuments to re-write those using the REST API prior to the end of life date and to discontinue writing any new programs using the SOAP API. We have previously communicated that the SOAP API will be phased out.

We are now informing you of the official end of life date when we will no longer support extensions, integrations, and add-ins using that older SOAP API. That end of life date is December 31, 2016.