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About one week prior to an Update, NetDocuments will provide a Beta test period. This time period allows customers to test the Update before it is released. The Beta period will be announced before it begins.

There are two ways to access the beta:

1. For web UI changes, users can use a URL-based beta. With this method, depending on which datacenter you are using, you would use one of the following URLs to access the beta:



You will be prompted to add the URL to your Trusted Sites list.

Be aware that when using this method, you will not have access to any client-side software such as the Office integrations or EMS. This option is meant to provide access to only the browser-based features available in the beta.

With this URL-based beta test, a user can easily test the web software associated with the new Update without going through the steps of changing their Hosts file.  For each Update, general beta testers should still use the Hosts file method to perform a complete test including the client software. Even though the URL method is available, it should not be treated as the primary method for beta testing a new Update because it does not include the ability to test the client software. This allows you to fully test the operation of NetDocuments in your environment. 

2. For more sophisticated testing and for testing client software, users can access separate beta servers that have been dedicated for the purpose of beta testing. This requires a change in the user's Hosts file on the local computer (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). An IP address will be provided in the Beta Announcement which users will place into their Hosts file to direct them to the beta servers.

The entry in the Hosts file will look something like this:        #US beta

OR     #EU beta

OR      #AU beta         

An additional IP address and URL such as "" will be provided for testing software that utilizes the REST APIs. 

Remember: You must remove the Beta information from the Hosts AFTER the Update is released to be able to login to the normal Service after the beta servers are removed.  The beta servers are typically removed within a day or two following the release of the Update.

NetDocuments reserves the right to modify the beta process at any time and to determine who may participate.

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