Administration Activity Log


Repository administrators can download a report of all administrative changes made by administrators. 

To request the Activity Log: 

  1. In the upper-right corner, select your name > Admin > Repository name > Activity Logs: 


  1. The Activity Logs page will appear as follows:


  • In the Log drop-down box, select Administration Activity. For a user-level activity log, select the Consolidated Activity option. 
  • Set the Date Range. The date range defaults to the first and last dates of the previous month. These fields accept all the date formats allowed by date fields on the Edit ProfileThe start date must be within the past 90 days. The end date cannot be later than the current date or earlier than the beginning date.
  • Select the Deliver Method. You can send logs to email (the email address defaults to the current user’s email address) or download the file.
  • Choose Output Format. A .xml file opens in Excel for better viewing. A .json file opens in any type of text editor. You also have an option to compress the log into a .zip file.
  1. After making necessary edits, select Request to submit a request.

Note: Activity logs are available for the past 90 days. You should download a report at least every 90 days to retrieve logged data. 

What actions are included in the Administration Activity Log?

Actions Logs Recorded 

Add a new user

Repository add users

Remove a user

Repository remove users

Select/clear the check box labeled Cabinet administrators can create external groups in the cabinet and add external members to those groups and to the repository 

Add external users

Description: This option was changed to True/False

Select/clear the check box labeled Allow external access to ndThread 

ndThread external expose

Description: This option was changed to True/False

Create a new group

Repository add groups

Delete group

Repository remove groups 

Add a new cabinet admin

Cabinet admin userlist

Limit permanent deletion of documents to Everyone/Cabinet administrators only 

Allow permanent deletion

Description: Allow Permanent Deletion of documents - Updated value to Everyone/Admin, Cabinet Name 

Add a group to or remove from the list of groups allowed to use the multi-doc download option

Multi-doc download option

Download/upload the lookup table for the profile attribute

Download/Upload Lookup table

Apply Folder Pack to Workspace template

Folder tree template applied to workspace template

Note: Cabinet deletion and changing a user's membership are not logged.

Other administration changes may be included in the log in future updates.