Using the Lookup Dialog


If you have workspaces enabled (or if you have custom profile fields that use a lookup table) you can search for values in the lookup table using the lookup dialog. This allows you to select a client, matter, document type, or other value from a "pick-list" of pre-defined values.

Workspace Selector

The workspace selector allows you to easily "search" for a workspace (based on a client or matter):


You can search by name or number, in either the client or matter field. Entering a search term will show all matching values in a type-ahead fashion:


You can also search for clients or matters using the lookup dialog. Click the "..." ellipses button to open the lookup dialog:


When you first come into the lookup dialog, it displays the most recent values you have applied. To see the complete list, click All or search for a specific value at the top.

You can enter a value in the box at the top of the dialog to locate it. If you are using a Key and a Description (which we recommend), then you can select the specific radio button you want to use for locating the value.

For instance, if you select Description and enter a C in the box at the top, you will find those values that start with the letter C. If you select Key, then you will be able to search for the matter key (number) in this example. 

Profiling a Document

Lookup dialogs are also available when profiling a document. You can also use this dialog on the Advanced Search page to search for documents, emails, and folders profiled to the client or matter you are looking for.


Selecting a client (parent value) will show all the matter (child) values for that particular client: