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The term Support is used throughout the computer industry and has a variety of meanings and connotations. It generally refers to one of the following:

1. Technical Support - A service provided by a group of individuals or other resources that provides technical answers, advice, and help for specific technology products or services. 

2. Product Support - When a product or product version is in a regular development, testing, and release cycle. A product is not supported when it has been discontinued or superseded by a newer version. An example of this is when Microsoft discontinues an older version of IE. In that case, the software or product version is considered to be not supported and updates will not be provided. 

This article describes how these two definitions are used in the context of NetDocuments services and products. 

Technical Support

Our Technical Support representatives provide assistance on cases submitted by customers for items such as:

1. Explaining how the software functions,

2. Describing new features or components,

3. Troubleshooting potential defects that a user may be experiencing,

4. Fielding suggestions from users for enhancements. 

Since we provide a cloud-based service, all users are using the same cloud-based service. Technical Support as described above, is always provided for that cloud-based service.

We also provide client add-in software to augment our cloud-based service which generally consists of Windows or other client productivity software. These add-ins follow a standard updating process with new versions being provided on a regular basis. The support for these add-ins is described below. 

Product Support for Client Add-in Software

NetDocuments supplies client-side add-in software. This is software that is used on Windows or other operating systems or is tied to client productivity software. For example, one of these add-ins is ndOffice. Product Support, with regular testing and bug fixes, is provided for the most current versions of these add-ins. 

Technical Support, as described above, is always provided for the most recently released version of the client add-in software when utilized with our cloud Service. You should update to the most recent version as soon as a new version of an add-in is available to retain full support of that add-in. The latest version is the only version that is maintained and tested and is the most bug-free version.  By using this version, it ensures you will have the best experience possible with the NetDocuments Service. 

If you are using an older version of a NetDocuments add-in and you are experiencing an error or a malfunction with that add-in, the Technical Support Engineer will ask you to install the newest version on one or more computers as a troubleshooting step to confirm whether the issue is fixed or not in the new version. If the issue is fixed in the newest version, then upgrading to that version will be the solution to the issue. No fixes or changes are made to older versions.

If you are not able to update to the newest version at that time, Technical Support will let you know if there is a workaround.  If no workaround exists, Technical Support will assist you in updating the software as soon as possible.

If the troubleshooting does not indicate that the error has been fixed in the newest version, Technical Support will report the issue, which will be addressed by our Product Management team as quickly as possible. Generally, an issue will be addressed with the upcoming version which can be as soon as a week or two or up to 3-4 months depending on the issue and the update cycle.

End of Life Cycle

There are also times when a NetDocuments-supplied add-in has been officially discontinued and an End of Life date has been published. In those cases, after the End of Life published date, no Technical Support or Product Support will be provided for that discontinued add-in. In this case, you must upgrade to an add-in that is available on a supported basis to receive Technical Support and Product Support for that software add-in.

Also, from time to time, we publish End of Life dates for our support of older operating systems, browser versions, and other system software provided by 3rd parties that are used in connection with NetDocuments client software. By maintaining support for the latest versions of these products, it allows us to manage our software development and take advantage of the newer functionality the software provides.

In summary, as our customer, we support you 100%. The NetDocuments cloud-based software as well as all current versions of add-in software are fully supported. If you discover an issue with our software, we will submit it to our Product Management team to be addressed as quickly as possible and if it is related to an older version, we will assist you in updating that version as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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