FAQs for Administrators



Below are some of the most frequently asked "How-To" questions that NetDocuments Support receives from customers. You will find links to relevant Help or KB articles for each question. 

How do I give an external user access to one or more workspaces (matters)?

How do I restrict an Internal User to see only a few workspaces (matters)?

How do I hide only one workspace (matter) from an Internal User?

A user changed their last name. What do I need to change in NetDocuments?

A client changed their name. How do I change the name of their workspace?

I want to share documents with someone. What methods does NetDocuments have?

I have a large number of folders and documents that I need to import (upload) into NetDocuments. What is the best method?

I want to import (save) email messages into NetDocuments from Outlook. How can I do that?

How do I switch from folders to workspaces?

I bought a new computer and want to set it up to use NetDocuments. What do I need to do?

See the User Workstation Setup Guide

How do I change the profile of multiple documents at once?

How can I tell how many documents I have in NetDocuments? Or how much storage space is being used?



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