Support Escalation Procedures


Learn what is Help Desk Support, how support tickets are escalated, what information is necessary to escalate tickets, and how requests are prioritized.

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NetDocuments Support Summary

If answers to questions cannot be answered using the support site, to obtain technical support you should contact your own internal Help Desk personnel and/or NetDocuments Administrator. If they cannot answer the question, then they should contact NetDocuments Support by going to and submitting a case.

 If you have a critical issue, please enter the word Critical in the subject and it will be responded to as quickly as possible as further described below.

Secondly, you can also choose to contact NetDocuments Support via telephone if you choose at 1-866-NET-DOCS (638-3627). 

Detailed NetDocuments Support Process and Procedures

Help Desk Support Definition

Help Desk Support is defined as the services provided by NetDocuments in responding to and resolving Customer User interface and operational questions, errors, problem escalation, software bugs, and software and service failures of the NetDocuments Service. Help Desk Support does not include document restorations, configuration training, Registered User training, document migration, and conversion or custom development, nor does it include services or software that are not a part of the NetDocuments Service, such as Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office, or other third-party software. Help Desk Support is provided to the Customer and the Customer’s Users. The technical support of other Registered Users associated with the Customer shall be provided by the Customer.

Primary Support Contact

The Customer should identify a person (or Primary Contact) designated by the Customer who has responsibility for addressing any technical or operational issues (each “Issue”) relating to or arising from the use of the NetDocuments Service by Registered Users.

The Primary Contact shall use his or her reasonable best efforts to resolve any Issues referred or escalated to such Primary Contact prior to referring the Issue to NetDocuments Support. NetDocuments shall be obligated to resolve Issues that have been escalated or been communicated as provided above.

Support Request Escalation

Issues that consist of a Registered User’s questions about the features, functions, and operations of the NetDocuments Service (Operational Issues) shall escalate as follows:

- From the registered user to the Customer Primary Contact
- From the Primary Contact to NetDocuments Support personnel

To facilitate a rapid and accurate response, requests for NetDocuments Technical Support should include the following information:

- Submitted by
- Priority
- Date/Time and frequency of the occurrence
- A complete description of the Issue, including steps to recreate the problem
- Any error message texts or screenshots
- Information about the User's local environment

Resolution of Support Issues

NetDocuments Support will be provided on a Priority basis to the Primary Contact 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year as requested and described below.

Requests for Help Desk Support submitted outside of the Standard Support Hours (as defined below) will be addressed as quickly as possible but in some instances may not be addressed until the following business day per the description below. Any request for Support may be responded to by NetDocuments either by telephone or email. Standard support hours are 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday (other than scheduled US federal holidays).

The nature of the Issue reported by the Primary Contact and its probable causes will be described to the Primary Contact by the NetDocuments Support personnel. Additional information may be requested of the Primary Contact to pursue further attempts to resolve the issue.

Priority Definitions (adverse Internet issues beyond the control of NetDocuments may impact the stated time frames):

Priority 1 Requests

- NetDocuments Service Outage or Major service item (i.e., servers are malfunctioning or other problems exist with the NetDocuments Service which impacts Users.)
- Minimum initial response time: 0 to 30 minutes
- The request must be submitted via email marked "Critical" in the subject
- Resolution status updates: Minimum each hour in response to any request either via email or NetDocuments Service Status page.

Note: Other resources will be engaged as required for resolution of Priority 1 Requests.

Priority 2 Requests

- Major functional item (i.e., major defect or failure in the NetDocuments Service.)
- Minimum initial response time: 30 minutes during Standard Support Hours (see above), up to 16 hours when contacted outside of the Standard Support Hours.
- Resolution status updates: Once each weekday (other than scheduled US federal holidays) in response to any request either via email or Service Status page.

Priority 3 Requests

- Minor functional item (i.e., minor software defect or operational questions).
- Minimum initial response time: 90 minutes during Standard Support Hours or next weekday (other than holidays) when contacted outside of Standard Support Hours.
- Resolution status updates: As needed in response to any request.

Customer Support Responsibilities

The obligation to provide Help Desk Support by NetDocuments personnel is conditioned upon the Customer and each Registered User doing the following:

  • Customer designating a Primary Contact,
  • Providing first-response internal technical support to all associated Registered Users, whether through the Primary Contact, Help Desk, or otherwise,
  • Being familiar with the online Help resources, related software updates, and tools, and ensuring all Users adhere to the operational procedures, including proper browser settings (such as facilitating ActiveX downloads), and guidelines for using the NetDocuments Service as outlined in the online Help documentation and Terms of Use, allowing NetDocuments personnel access to systems, desktops and data of the Customer and/or the affected User when required to resolve issues; and agreeing on a User by User basis, to the standard Terms of Use, as updated from time to time.