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How Do I Create a Customer Support Account?
How Can I Be Notified of Product Changes, Updates, and Service Issues?
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How Does NetDocuments Support Me as a Customer?

Welcome to NetDocuments! This page is designed to provide you with all you need to know in order to get started with NetDocuments, and how to make the most of your experience. 

How do I learn how to use NetDocuments? 

First, check out our Tutorial Videos and Training Guides.

Next, visit our YouTube channel.

Finally, search our Help to learn how to make certain features work for you and your business. 

How do I set up my computer to use NetDocuments? Do I need to install anything?

It's easy! If you use Internet Explorer, you will need to install an ActiveX add-on. We also recommend that you install ndOffice (add-ins for Microsoft Office products) - although it is not required. 

If you use any other browser – such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari – you do not need to install anything. There is, however, a Beta product called ndOneClick that allows users to edit documents automatically without the ActiveX. 

I want to do _________ (fill in the blank) in NetDocuments, but I can't seem to figure it out. 

First, search the Help and Knowledgebase. These pages contain documentation on all the existing features of NetDocuments. 

View other FAQs about NetDocuments.

If you can't find the feature or function you want, check our IdeaBank. What you are trying to do - someone else may have had that same idea! You can submit ideas for new features, and vote on existing ideas suggested by other NetDocuments users.

Next, ask us a question by submitting a support case

What if I keep seeing an error message? 

Search the Knowledgebase. This contains solutions for errors and problems frequently reported by our users. 

Try the action again. If it continues to happen, submit a support case with a description of what you are doing and a copy of the error details. 

How do I adjust my user account settings?

Each user can adjust their individual account settings by logging in, and going to Settings at the top right. Repository Administrators and Cabinet Administrators will also see an Admin link at the top where they can adjust settings for the entire repository or each cabinet. 

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