Subscribing to Announcements and Newly Published Help Pages


Be the first to learn about upcoming product improvements and the latest news! Subscribe and get notifications about announcements, updates, and more.

I'm a New User. Where Do I Start?
How Do I Create a Customer Support Account?
How Can I Be Notified of Product Changes, Updates, and Service Issues?
How Do I Contact Support?
How Do I Submit a Support Request?
How Do I Use the Support Site?
How are Support Requests Escalated?
How Does NetDocuments Communicate Service-wide Issues?

To get notifications about NetDocuments announcements (beta announcements, update notes, etc.) or newly published help pages, subscribe to the section.

To subscribe:

  1. Go to and sign in. Note that if you do not have a support account, you will need to create one. See Creating a Support Account
  2. After you've signed in, navigate to a category, and then select the section you want to follow (for example, Announcements section in the What's New category or a product section in NetDocuments for Users category).
  3. Select Follow in the upper-right corner: 


To manage your subscriptions, you must be signed in as an end-user.

Go to My Activities at the top, then click Following to view and manage your subscriptions. 


Thank you for using NetDocuments.