What are the expectations to be a NetDocuments Administrator


The NetDocuments Service is designed as a cloud service and enjoys the simplicity that model brings with it.

The Service is designed to be set up very quickly for most customers and can be as simple or as sophisticated as your organization requires. For a typical customer, there is minimal local hardware requirements other than providing a device (PC) to access the Service via the Internet.

Larger customers may also choose to maintain a local server to house backup copies of their documents as well as accelerator servers to boost the performance of their Internet connection. 

A small- to mid-sized firm would require a person who is assigned to assist users in using the NetDocuments Service.  Depending on the number of users, this may or may not be a full-time task. Larger firms would typically incorporate this support into their support of other products they use

If your organization has a separate IT group that takes care of all of your computer needs, then the additional time for this person to manage the NetDocuments account would be minimal.  The main tasks would be to add new users or remove users who have left your organization.  Additionally, this person’s role may be to answer users questions how to use the Service if a Help Desk is not available in the organization.  There would also be some time to help users with updates which are provided on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the IT organization.  Smaller and medium customers may choose to allow their own users in the course of their work to install client software such as the ActiveX and other NetDocuments client software that can be used with NetDocuments.  Each client software provides additional functionality that the organization may choose to use.  These additional downloads are available in the Settings menu and also in the Help documentation. We strongly recommend that you download and install the latest version of each software package that you are using. Prior versions will NOT be supported and use of them may result in errors or even data loss. 

If you are part of a larger organization, then you may have a Help Desk that answers questions from users regarding the Service. 

In all cases, a Primary Contact must be designated (who may or may not be a NetDocuments Administrator) who is the primary contact on record for NetDocuments. This person, the Administrator, and/or Help Desk personnel (if they are different people) must subscribe to NetDocuments Announcement and Service Status alerts in order to receive critical information regarding software updates, system-wide issues, and scheduled maintenance events. This is the primary method NetDocuments uses to communicate with customers at large. Learn how to subscribe to alerts

If the Service is used with minimal add-ons and users have rights to install software on their own computers, it will take very little IT involvement.  If the computers are locked down, then IT would have to be involved to install some of the client software.  

The initial implementation of the Service may require additional assistance to prepare the computers for the Service, to install client software, to learn the administration of the Service, and to train end users.  Following this initial setup, the Service requires minimal management with more intensity for larger organizations. 

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