Cabinet Administrators


Designating Cabinet Administrators

A cabinet must have at least one Administrator but you can designate as many Administrators as you like. We recommend at least two Cabinet Administrators per cabinet. A Repository Administrator is not necessarily a Cabinet Administrator.  You can also designate users that are not Repository Administrators as Cabinet Administrators. Some firms may need to do this so that these users can administer the cabinet access, particularly if the cabinet is client-specific.


NOTE: For repositories with many users, you are allowed to create an account that is used solely for Administration purposes. It is permitted per the Terms of Use to use this account by more than one person for Administration purposes. It is not allowed under the Terms of Use to use any other user account by more than one person. You should always change the password when an Administrator leaves the firm or is no longer an Administrator.

Creation of Shared Top-Level Folders

Cabinet Administrators must designate a default folder creation setting in the Cabinet Administration page. By default, everyone with access to the cabinet has rights to create top-level "shared" folders. Shared means that other users in the cabinet will be able to see and access these folders. By setting this ability to administrators only, all members of the cabinet can create top-level individual folders but NOT shared folders. Any user could then create their own private top level folder.

Top-level individual folders are not "shared" and cannot be viewed by anyone else in the cabinet. Setting the cabinet rights to administrators only will help reduce disorganization in the cabinet at the top folder level. Users will still be able to create shared subfolders, just not top-level folders that others can see. Underneath an private Top-level Folder, a user can create folders that can be shared with others.

Allow Permanent Deletion of Documents

We suggest that you set the flag to Administrators Only. With the setting set for Administrators only, users can still delete a document, but they cannot delete it from the Deleted Items folder. Users can "undelete" documents from the Deleted Items folder if needed. With this flag set for Administrators, only an Administrator can permanently delete documents from the Deleted Items area.

Multi-Document Download (Save Local Copies) Security

There is an option on the List View pages, which allows a user to save several documents at one time to a local drive. This option can be regulated by the Cabinet Administrator by defining a User Group as the only people who have access to this option. It could be a User Group created specifically for this purpose or an already existing User group. The value defaults to the Internal Users group which, by definition includes all Internal users.

Administrators have the option to exempt external users from the multi-document download restriction. 


NOTE: This security flag does not affect the single document Save As option available on the profile which is available to any user who has rights. A user will not be able to Download any documents in those cabinets where the user does not have the right to use this option.


Aside from the cabinet-level administrative settings, Cabinet Administrators have other rights and options granted to them: 

  • Mass access changes
  • Mass profile changes
  • Mass purges
  • Additional Print List options
  • Manage the cabinet home page

Cabinet administrators have VSA rights by default to all items in the cabinet. Nothing can be hidden from a cabinet administrator; but unless given E rights, they cannot edit documents.