Create a Cabinet

A repository administrator can create a new cabinet from the Administration console.

To create a cabinet, in the upper-right corner select your name>Admin>Repository name>Cabinets.


Select Create Cabinet:


You can choose another repository for your new cabinet from the drop-down list.

Next, you have two options for creating a new cabinet:

  • Create a new empty cabinet - Create a cabinet with no pre-filled configuration values or data.
  • Copy this existing cabinet - Create a cabinet and pre-fill it with up to 500 items from an existing cabinet. You can copy all or any of the following information from the existing cabinet:


Only repository administrators can create new cabinets. However, repository administrators can delegate this ability to a specified user group (just one). When members of this user group select Admin in the upper-right corner, the Add Cabinet page opens. These users can also copy any other cabinets where they have rights of the cabinet administrator. A user in this group, together with all repository administrators, becomes the cabinet administrator of any cabinet that user creates. 

Deleting a Cabinet

On the Repository Administration page, select Delete next to the corresponding cabinet.


Enter delete in the pop-up box, and then select OK. Now, you deleted the cabinet.

Before deleting the protected cabinet, you first need to unprotect it. See Unprotecting Cabinets.

Note: For repositories with many users, you have permission to create an account used solely for administration purposes. The Terms of Use allow using this account by more than one person for administration purposes. However, the Terms of Use do not allow using any other user account by more than one person. You should always change the password when an administrator leaves the firm or is no longer an administrator.