Cabinet Filing Settings


Cabinet Administrators have several options regarding how documents are organized and filed within the cabinet. Generally, documents can be organized into either Folders or into Workspaces. In order to use workspaces, a few settings will need to be in place. Each of these options are described below. 


Access Rights Inheritance

If this option is turned ON, items placed into a folder will inherit the access of that folder. Learn more about Folder Access Inheritance

Filing documents

There are three options that determine how documents are filed:

a. Force File in folders

A document must reside in a folder. This option cannot be selected if users wish to use Advanced Filing.  

b. Display workspace lists, but don't force file

Documents need not be located in a folder, but may be "filed" to a workspace. 

c. Don't display workspace lists and don't force file

Documents need not be located in a folder, but the folder and workspace lists will not display by default.

Workspace Filing

Similar to Folder Access Inheritance, this option allows items to inherit the access of the workspace they are "filed" to. Documents also inherit the workspace's profile attributes. External Users listed in the workspace access list will NOT be inherited by the documents. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that workspaces are not true containers; they are a webpage or view of a set of documents relating to a particular Client/Matter. They do not "live in" the workspace, but they "belong to" the workspace, based on their profile values. 

Folder default sort order

Cabinet Administrators can determine the default sort order of the contents of folders. Learn more about Folder Default Sort Order