Repository Default List Views


This feature allows Repository Administrators to define the default format for Email and Document list views that will be seen by members of the repository that have not created their own custom list view configuration. It will only take effect for users who are created after the Default List View has been defined, or for those who choose to revert back to the default.

If you are a Repository Administrator, you will have an additional link at the bottom of the Define Display Format dialog. Clicking this link allows you to set a default for the List Views for the Repository that you designate. 


When the “Save as repository default” link is clicked, the following dialog is displayed:


If you are an administrator of only one repository, you will see the name of that Repository instead of the drop-down list. If you click OK, the display format in the underlying window will be saved as the repository default display format.

When a user navigates to a list view page, the display format is determined by evaluating the following conditions in this order:

a. If the user has defined a custom display format, it is used.

b. If the user is a member of a repository where the repository's registered internal email domain matches the user’s email domain and the repository has a default display format, the display format of this repository will be used.

c. If the user is a member of any other repositories that have a default display format, the display format from one of these repositories will be used.

When a user clicks the Restore default settings link on the Define Display Format dialog, the display format is determined according to the rules in the previous step except that the user’s custom display format is ignored.