Workspace Favorites


This function is used to upload a table that populates the Favorite Workspaces for users, rather than having each user add to their own Favorite Matters lists manually. The Administrator could base the data on those attorneys who worked on a matter or other criteria determined by the Administrator.

This is a function of the Repository Administrator. The location to upload the table is accessed from the Admin Console as shown below:


The following page opens:


A .csv file should be created on your desktop or some other location you can access easily. (A sample table can be found under Sample Tables.) The format of the file will be as follows (note this is if you are only using a client name and matter name)

Note: The User column is the person's email address, not their username. Of course, in many cases, the username is the email address.

Note: The email addresses must not be hyperlinks.

The actual headings need to say "Cabinet" and "User" and "Workspace" and "Workspace2." Do not use the actual profile attribute names.


If you are using a Client and Matter and they are linked and each has a code and a description, then you only need to enter the Code for each. You do not need to include the descriptions for the Clients and Matters.


If you have one profile attribute that is used for the Workspace, you would only have the Workspace column.  There would be no Workspace2 column.

For each row of your table that is uploaded, the following will occur (each time you load the table):

  • A new workspace is created if one does not already exist for the specified attribute value(s).
  • A workspace is added to the specified user’s My Favorite's list if it’s not already there. 
  • An error is reported if workspaces have not been enabled in the specified cabinet.
  • An error is reported if the specified user is not a member of the repository from which the file was uploaded.
  • An error is reported if the specified attribute value(s) is not valid (i.e. not in the lookup table).