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This article describes the process of adding a new value to a profile field using an upload file. Depending on how you have configured your NetDocuments repository, you may have profile attributes such as Client, Matter, Account, Doc Type, Author, etc. For the purposes of this article we will describe how to add a new Client or Matter to your NetDocuments Repository but you can follow the same instructions for any of your custom attributes.  

Uploading a lookup table is typically done when initially creating a profile attribute, or adding a large number of values at once. To save time when editing or adding only a few values at a time, you can edit the lookup table online.

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To Upload a Lookup Table

First, you will need to be logged in as a Repository Administrator or someone who has been delegated the appropriate rights.

Once you are logged in, click the Admin link at the top-right and go to Define Profile Attributes:


You should then see a list of all Profile Attributes that you have in your repository. Select Matter and click the Download Table button. (In this example, the Client table will contain a list of all clients. The Matter table will contain both clients and matters.)


This will download a CSV spreadsheet containing a list of all Client and Matters that you currently have in NetDocuments. Save this file to your Desktop or to a location on your PC that you can get to easily and open it. By default the file may open in Excel but you can also open it in Notepad if you need to.  

NOTE: Use caution when using CSV files in Excel, especially if your table has leading zeroes in it.


Here you can add the new client and/or matter to the list, then save and close the CSV file. You will now need to upload this list to your NetDocuments Repository. 

Back in NetDocuments, select the desired attribute, and click Edit. Click the Upload Table button at the top-right of the page


NOTE: Most Administrators will keep a small CSV table on their Desktop that contains the last 10 or 20 recently added C/M. In other words, you don’t have to save the complete table, only the updates. This can also be a time-saver as it does not require you to download the whole table.

On this page, click the Browse button to locate the CSV file that you saved: 


Select the option to Update and click Submit. After this is finished processing it will send an email to the email address listed letting you know if the upload completed successfully or if it failed. Once you get the email confirmation the new profile value will be available in your repository. The Delete and Replace options can be used if needed but in most scenarios you will just want to use the “Update” option when adding new entries. 

Lookup tables that are uploaded to a parent attribute will not update the child attribute values. 
Lookup tables uploaded to a child attribute will update the parent attribute values. This is because a child attribute knows its parent (using the attribute ID), but a parent attribute does not know its child attributes. 

Typically, an Administrator will complete this process in less than one minute. Many firms, (those that have to manually update their C/M tables) do this update once or twice a day.

If you have any questions about this process or if you run into issues please submit a Support Request at support.netdocuments.com.

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