Information and Settings


To access the Repository Administration page, on the Home page, select the Hi, <username> dropdown menu, and then select Admin and the repository you want to edit.

On the Navigation pane, select Information and Settings. 

This page is initially completed by NetDocuments personnel when the Repository is set up.  Repository Administrators can change this information as needed. NetDocuments uses the information from this page to track your account and to bill your organization for the NetDocuments service. We recommend that you keep this information as up-to-date as possible.

Repository Name

This is generally the name of your firm. Administrators may rename a repository at any time if required. 

Repository Logo

NetDocuments provides a firm the ability to display a company or customer logo in all folder navigation pages of a specific cabinet. For example, if you are a firm that has set up a cabinet as an extranet for a client, you might want to apply the client's logo to that cabinet to enhance your extranet service offering to the client.

By default, when you choose a Repository logo from this page, no logo appears on any cabinet. A Cabinet Administrator must go to the Cabinet Administration page to either activate the Repository logo or to select a different one. The Repository logo should be formatted to 550×60 pixels and cannot exceed 6MB in size. Only GIF, JPEG, and PNG files are supported.

Repository Restriction flag

Below the Repository logo setting, there is a flag that is checked by default. This allows documents to be moved from your repository (to another repository to which a user may have access). You may want to consider unchecking it for additional security for the Repository. If you uncheck this option, no user will be able to move a document from any cabinet in the Repository to cabinets outside of the Repository. The option is shown as follows:

Allow documents to be moved from this repository's cabinets to other repositories.

Activity Threshold (formerly Download Warning Threshold)

This feature allows a Repository Administrator to receive a notification email when a user performs activities against more than the specified number of documents in a single login session. 

Each time one of these actions is performed by a user during a single login session (even on the same document) it counts as a "download".

In R16, the actions were moved to be individually selectable instead of combined server-side. The current actions that can be counted towards the threshold alerting are:

  • Downloading document(s).
  • Opening a document via the web interface.
  • Printing a document via the NetDocuments print option.
  • Attaching a document to an email.
  • Moving a document to a cabinet in a different repository (Admins Only).

On the right side of the Information and Settings screen, you can select or clear each checkbox next to the actions. After you complete this and select the Save button, the actions will be included or excluded in the threshold calculations.


Previously, all of the actions in the leftmost column below counted towards the threshold.  The mapping of the previous features to the new features above is as follows:

Previous Action Mapped to/Notes
Opening a document via the web interface Opening a document via the web interface
Printing a document via the NetDocuments Print option Printing a document via the NetDocuments Print option
Viewing a PDF or HTML document Removed—this section does not download the document any longer using SmartView
Launching a document in a client-side application Removed—this action sends a link to the app, in which it could choose to download the document (depending on how the app is architected), which would be covered in Download documents. If the App does not download the document, then this previously would have counted, and now does not.
Downloading a document (including the Mass Export utility) Downloading documents
Moving a document to a cabinet in a different repository Moving a document to a cabinet in a different repository
Moving a document to a Sharespace that is in multiple cabinets Removed as Sharespaces are being deprecated in favor of CollabSpaces
Making a Sharespace that is currently accessible in just one cabinet accessible in another cabinet Removed as Sharespaces are being deprecated in favor of CollabSpaces
Opening or downloading a document via WebDAV Removed—WebDAV integration no longer exists in the platform
The Download option Downloading documents

Usage Information

Administrators can change the number of users at any time. The Service requires that each time you change your users, you need to increase the user count by a minimum of 5% of the current users. This is required because of the overhead associated with adding users to your service related to billing, etc. When the number of users is changed, an email is sent to NetDocuments Billing, and an invoice is generated for the additional users added. Contact NetDocuments Sales if you have questions about pricing. Learn More About User Accounts

Billing Code and Information

This is a code that NetDocuments uses to track your billing and account. We recommend that you keep your billing information (name, email address, and phone number) as up-to-date as possible. Learn how to Update Repository Billing Information.

Changing Administrators

If one or more of your firm's Repository Administrators leaves your firm and will no longer access their NetDocuments account, you may need to designate another user as a Repository Administrator. Only a Repository Administrator can add or remove another user as an Admin. NetDocuments strongly recommends that you designate at least two Repository Administrators in case one is unavailable or leaves the firm and is no longer able to log in (their account is restricted, their email account is disabled, they have lost their password, etc.). If you only have one Administrator and they leave the firm, or all of your Administrators leave the firm and can no longer access NetDocuments, then no one else can be designated as an Administrator in order to perform Administrator functions. 

Canceling your Subscription

If you wish to cancel or discontinue your subscription to NetDocuments, please be aware that you must export your documents prior to canceling your account. NetDocuments will not provide your documents to you through any external format.