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The Consolidated Logging feature provides detailed data related to the activity of all users in a repository. The feature records a history of user activity at the repository level. 

Activity logs are recorded for each user for most actions performed on a document (see below for a detailed list). The logging information can be downloaded or e-mailed to Repository Administrators in a format that will allow it to be easily imported into database software such as SQL Server or Access. 

NOTE: Each document also includes a separate History. This document-level history includes more information that what is recorded in the Repository Activity Log and should be referenced to effectively analyze actions that have been done to a document. Learn More about Document History

The log is created in real time mode, so if a person changes something and you immediately print the log for the current day, it will show those changes which have just taken place. 

On the Repository Administration page, a link is displayed for the Consolidated Activity Log, as shown below: 


The Consolidated Activity Log Request page will appear as follows:


The email address defaults to the current user’s email address. The date range defaults to the first and last dates of the previous month. These fields accept all the date formats allowed by date fields on the Edit Profile dialog. The beginning date cannot be more than 90 days prior to the current date, and the end date cannot be later than the current date or earlier than the beginning date.

Clicking Cancel returns you to the Repository Administration menu page. If you click OK on the Consolidated Activity Log page, a request is submitted. 

The subject of the activity log email message will be “<service name> Consolidated Activity Log”.  The message body will say:

“The attached log file contains activity data for the dates <starting date> to <ending date> in the <repository name> repository.”

The activity records are sent as an XML attachment to the email message. We suggest that you open the file in Excel or a database program such as SQL or Access to have the data in an easy-to-read format. 

NOTE: Activity Log Requests can also be submitted programmatically using the REST API.

NOTE: If you have not downloaded the logging data within the 90 day window, it is no longer available prior to that. So you should download a report at least every 90 days in order to not miss data that has been generated for the logging file. 

What actions are included in the Consolidated Activity Log?


  • Creating or adding a new document (create)
  • Printing a document via the NetDocuments print option (open)
  • Opening a document via the web interface or ND2 interface (open)
  • Downloading a document via the Client API (saved)
  • Emailing a copy of a document (email copy)
  • Viewing a document (view)
  • Viewing a secure document link (view)
  • Downloading a document via secure link (saved)
  • Launching a document in a client side application (like Workshare) (open)
  • Opening or downloading a document via WebDAV (open)
  • Downloading a document (including the Mass Export Utility) (saved)
  • The Download option (save local)
  • Send a document delivery link (deliver)
  • Saving an edited document (save)
  • Edited document (edited)
  • Moving a document to a different workspace, folder, or filter using Move/Copy
  • Moving a document to a different cabinet in the same repository (cabinet move)
  • Moving a document to a cabinet in a different repository (cabinet move)
  • Copying a document (copied)
  • Locking a version of a document (lock version)
  • Editing a document's profile (change profile value)
  • Modifying a document's access list (change access list)
  • Changing a document's ACL frozen status
  • Deleting a document (delete)
  • Creating a new version (new version) 

NOT included:

  • Email Link
  • Follow
  • Making a ShareSpace that is currently accessible in just one cabinet accessible in another cabinet
  • Moving a document to a ShareSpace 
  • Sign a document 
  • Approve a document 

NOTE: Many of the actions that involve downloading a document to the workstation will NOT be logged if the current version of the document is already present in the Echo location because in that case a copy of the document is not downloaded again.  

All dates and times use UTC time so you will have to convert that to your local time zone. The records are not in any particular order. Notes-type custom attributes are not included. The format of the data will be similar to this:

repositoryId = "Repository GUID"

repositoryName = ”repository name”

startDate = ”ISO formatted start date”

endDate = ”ISO formatted end date”

activity date = ”ISO formatted date/time”  

name = ”open, view, save, etc.”

host = "IP Address of the action"

id = ”user GUID”

name2 = ”user’s display name”

memberType = ”I, E, or N”

docId = ”nnnn-nnnn-nnnn”

name3 = "item name"

size = ”doc size”

fileExtension = ”file extension”

version = "n"  

cabinet = "cabinet GUID"

name4 = "cabinet name"

attribute value = "Client"

NetBinder = "ShareSpace name" (if in a ShareSpace)


Attached below is a sample report in xlsx format. This sample report includes most of the items listed above. 

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