Mass Export Utility


This utility allows users to quickly export several documents at a time. The documents can be selected based on one of the following scopes:

  • Cabinet (only top-level folders and subfolders)
  • Folder (with subfolders)
  • Saved Search (matching criteria)
  • Workspace (folders and filters)

All downloaded documents will be copied with this utility (a copy remains in NetDocuments).

NOTE: If you select a workspace to be downloaded, only documents in filters (blue icon) and folders (yellow icon) will be downloaded. Items in a Saved Search (red icon) will not be downloaded (unless the Saved Search itself is selected as the export source, of course). All other items on the workspace that are not in a folder or filter will not be downloaded. 


The Mass Export Utility is a Windows executable with a .MSI installer. It can only be installed and run on a Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer. 

Download the Mass Export Utility (version 1.3.2) 

How to use the Mass Export Tool

1) When the Mass Export Utility is started it first displays a login dialog where the user enters their username and password. We recommend that an account with admin rights is used to export documents.


2) After the user logs in, the following dialog will be displayed, showing the workspaces, folders, and Saved Searches available for download:   


3)  You can select one of the following to export from:

1. The cabinet which will include the folders and documents – this includes all cabinet folders and documents without a limit (documents in workspaces will not be downloaded).

2. A complete folder tree which will include the selected folder with subfolders and documents – includes all folders and documents in the tree, up to 500 subfolders and 500 documents per folder.

3. A Saved Search which will include documents that meet the Saved Search's criteria – includes all documents (not folders) that meet the criteria (not limited to 10,000). One Saved Search can be exported at a time.

4. A workspace which includes all items on the workspace that are in a filter and 500 items per folder (not a ShareSpace or Saved Search). Note that filter items are split in 400 for exporting. For example, if a filter includes 1000 items, they are split into 400, 400, and 200.

The Export will initially show all cabinets the user has access to. Cabinets can be expanded to show folders within them. Saved Searches within these folders will also be displayed. 

4)  The Browse button will display a standard Windows folder browsing dialog.  If Cancel is clicked, the utility will shut down.  If OK is clicked, an error message will be displayed if no selection has been made in the Export-from tree or if the Export-to field is empty or does not contain a valid path to an existing workstation folder. Otherwise, the dialog will be hidden and downloading will begin.

5)  When downloading begins, the progress dialog is displayed as follows: 


NOTE: When downloading from a folder tree the total # of items and the progress bar will not be displayed.

6)  A document list is created in the output directory. The document list is in XML format and includes the access list, all profile data, modified/created data, and the relative path to the exported document.

If the Cancel button is clicked, a message box will be displayed asking if the user wants to stop downloading documents. If the user clicks Yes, the process will stop and the utility will close. 

Other Considerations

Only the official version of each document will be exported unless the box is checked to also include all versions. 

Documents with the same name will be downloaded separately and will be renamed FileName(2).doc and FileName(3).doc, etc. Or, you can choose to append the Document ID to the file name, which will also be included in the XML output file.

When exporting a cabinet or Saved Search containing 400 or fewer documents, the documents will be written directly to the selected output folder. When exporting a cabinet or Saved Search containing more than 400 documents, the documents will be stored in numbered subfolders with 400 documents per folder. 

When exporting a folder or workspace, the NetDocuments folder tree will be duplicated under the export directory with the export directory itself taking the place of the selected online folder.

Which items cannot be exported?

Deleted documents will not be exported.

Documents in ShareSpaces will not be exported.

If a workspace is selected for export, only documents in filters and folders on that workspace (not Saved Searches or ShareSpaces) will be downloaded. ShareSpaces on a workspace will not be downloaded.