Summary information for using NetDocuments with Citrix and Roaming profiles


There are two ways of installing NetDocuments software as long as it is installed in Install Mode ("change user /install" in command prompt). Once the ActiveX is installed, either by MSI or manually, it will work for all users on that Presentation Server/XenApp Server.

1. If you have Platinum or Enterprise licensing for Citrix, you have a product called Installation Manager Packager that can propagate an installation from one server to all Citrix servers in the farm. This requires only one installation.

2. If you login on each machine as a user with admin rights, you can install it in Install Mode and it will work for all users on each machine the install is run on.

Either of the two listed above will work. The preferred is the first, as it will update all servers in the farm based on the one installation. The second requires an admin user to manually login and install on each server in the farm.

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Below are links to external websites that describe Credential Roaming in greater detail. 

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This one discusses private keys and how they are stored.


Caution – NetDocuments is designed to be accessed directly on the Internet via an Internet Explorer browser.  Some customers have implemented access to NetDocuments using remote access tools such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services.  Our customers use these environments successfully, however, we highly recommend when using these tools, that you have sufficient knowledge of the tools either in-house or via consultants.  Since our main customer base uses the standard access method of going directly through a web browser, we currently do not test with these remote service environments and do not maintain a high level of expertise for these tools in our support and testing groups.