Notifications for Administrative Changes


As a Repository Administrator or Member Administrator, you may receive an email like this: 

Date: June 29, 2017 at 1:05:25 PM MDT
Subject: NetDocuments Service Notification: Changes to Repository Details/User Account

The following fields have been changed to <repository or user name> by a NetDocuments employee:

<description of the change>

If this was done without appropriate authorization, please contact NetDocuments Support immediately.


These email notifications are sent when a NetDocuments employee initiates a change to your repository or user account. No changes will be made without prior consent. Changes such as these are usually made by NetDocuments employees at the request of a customer.

Someone else at your firm may have requested the change. Make sure someone else at your firm did not request the change before contacting NetDocuments Support.

As stated in the email, please contact NetDocuments Support if you believe a change was made without appropriate authorization.