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In NetDocuments, documents and emails are stored at the cabinet level. There is no limit to the number of documents a cabinet may have, but depending on your account type and the number of user accounts your firm has purchased, there may be a limit to the storage space that can be used based on what was purchased. There are also other storage spaces and limits of which you should be aware. Contact Sales for more information about features and pricing.  

Cabinet Storage – On the Cabinet Administration page, an Administrator can calculate the total storage space that is being used in that cabinet. To do this, click on “Calculate” to display all storage capacity used in the Cabinet. NetDocuments also tracks this amount for billing purposes. 

My Cabinet storage - Each user has a personal cabinet with 3MB of storage space. Learn More about My Cabinet

ShareSpace storage - Each ShareSpace has a 1 GB limit, the same as an individual document. Learn More about ShareSpaces 

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