Slowness when downloading or uploading large documents


You may have a handful of large documents (100 MB+) stored in NetDocuments. When users open these documents to view or edit them, it may take a long time to download, or you may not be able to download or upload them at all. If this is the case, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

NOTE: The maximum file size limit in NetDocuments is 1 GB per document. While this is the maximum, users often report slowness with documents larger than 100 MB, depending on local internet bandwidth and processing resources.

To troubleshoot these cases:

  • Check your local Internet speed. Compare that to the size of the document. For example, a 200 MB file may take about 4 minutes to download with a 10 Mbps connection.
  • Check your Internet and browser settings. Make sure all recommended settings are configured for NetDocuments. 
  • Your network may be set to timeout after a certain amount of data has passed in a certain amount of time. Ask your system administrator if this may be the case.

Download/Upload Speed Calculator - You can use this calculator to determine how long a document should take to download. 


  • Keep a copy of the document on a local shared drive. You can also place a link to the local document in NetDocuments.
  • Divide the document into smaller documents. If you'd like, the smaller documents can be saved as versions of a single document. 
  • Manually checking out/in the document may sometimes be faster than the automatic check in/out using the ActiveX.   

NOTE: Download speeds may vary in some cases if users have Echoing enabled. With Echoing turned on, a copy of a recently edited document may already be in the user's Echo folder. In this case, the document is opened from the local Echo cache instead of being downloaded from the server all over again.

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