How can I open two Excel documents in separate Excel windows (Excel 2010 and 2013)?


We frequently get asked, "Can I get two Excel documents in NetDocuments open in separate Excel windows?" and the answer is yes.  

NOTE: This will only work in Excel 2010 if you have ndOffice installed.

You will need Excel 2010 or 2013 and the latest version of either the NetDocuments Application Integrations or ndOffice installed for this to work.

Step 1 - Open the first Excel document one of two ways, you can click the document name from within NetDocuments or you can open Excel and via the currently installed add-in choose the File>Open option you can select a document from within NetDocuments.

Step 2 - With your first document already open locate the Excel application icon on your local machine, right click the icon and choose "Open new Window".

Step 3 - In your new Excel window again use your currently installed NetDocuments add-in to do a File>Open to open your second NetDocuments Excel document in a second Excel window.