How to change the host file on a Mac


Click this link for a video walk through

If you would like at access the NetDocuments beta on your Mac follow the steps outline in this article.

Step 1 - Launch Terminal. You can find this in your applications folder under Utilities.

Step 2 - Enter the following command at the prompt:
sudo nano /private/etc/hosts


Step 3 - Enter your local admin password. You will not see it typed on screen.

Step 4 - Once the hosts file is loaded, arrow to the bottom of the hosts file to enter the IP address needed to access the beta.


Step 5 - When you have entered the appropriate values click Control+O followed by ENTER/RETURN to save changes to /private/etc/hosts, then hit Control+X to exit.

Step 6 - Close the terminal.

NOTE: When the beta period is over you will need to go through these steps again and remove the custom entries.