How Do I Change the Name of a Workspace (Client/Matter)?


From time to time you may need to change the name of a Client or Matter (the workspace name). 


The name of the workspace is generated from your Client/Matter lookup table. A lookup table is a pick-list of names or ID numbers that are pre-defined by a repository administrator, so you will need to be an administrator to make this kind of change. If there is both a Key and a Description field on the lookup table, you will only be able to change the Description field. (The Key field is typically a number or ID; the Description field is typically the name of the Client or Matter.)

If you change the Description field, you can then simply change the name of the Workspace under Workspace Options > Customize Workspace and the new name will display properly and you are done. If you need to change the Key field, skip to the steps below.  


Changing the Key field of a Client/Matter value

First, you cannot simply change the Key field. If you could, it would effectively delete the old name/ID from the lookup table and replace it with the new name - without changing any of the existing documents' profiles. Further, the workspace created from the old name will still exist but will no longer be searchable (because the old name is no longer in the lookup table). Rather than change the Key, you'll have to create a new key and then delete the old key.

To change the Key field, follow these steps:

1) Add the new name or ID (Key) to the lookup table. You should now have both the new name and old name together in your lookup table. 

2) Re-profile all existing documents to the new name. To do this, go to the workspace that has the old name. Switch to the workspace List View. Under Workspace Options, go to Edit profiles (shown below). Change the Matter value to the new name. It may take several minutes until all the documents are completely re-profiled. 


3) Delete the workspace with the old name. This is under Workspace Options > Delete. Deleting a workspace does not delete any documents. If you have any custom folders or searches on this workspace, you will need to move those over to the new workspace. 

4) Go to the workspace with the new name. Once all the documents are re-profiled, you should see all of them in the new workspace. 

5) Delete the old name from the lookup table. This will prevent the workspace from being created again with the old name.