Usernames, Account Names, and Authors


In NetDocuments, there are some key differences between your user account's Username, your user account's First Name and Last Name (display name), and your Author profile value. This article discusses the usages and differences of these fields:


This is the name you use to login to NetDocuments. It is typically your email address, but is determined by your administrator when your user account is first created. This field can be changed. Learn More about Changing a Username.

First Name and Last Name (Display Name)

This is the name of your user account. It can be changed under Settings > Personal Information. This is how your name will display in places such as Created By and Modified By. 

Created by - The user account that created or imported a particular document or folder. This cannot be changed once it is set. 

Modified by - The most recent user account that edited that document's content. It will change only when that document is modified again. 

For example, in the image below, I could change my display name from Robert Duncan to Bob Duncan. Notice, my Username is still "rduncan." Everywhere else, my name will now display as Bob Duncan.   


If the First/Last Name is changed, it will not affect existing documents that were created/modified when you had your old First/Last Name. A document's history will record the First/Last Name at the time edits were made. So, I could have some documents created by Robert Duncan before the change and other documents created by Bob Duncan after the change. 


Your firm may have an Author field that can be used to assign an Author to a document. This is a custom profile field and is managed by your Repository Administrator.

If you change your First/Last Name, your Author value will not change. The two fields are not tied to each other because the Author field is managed by your firm's Repository Administrator. 

Author Key - Your firm may have a pre-defined "pick list" of Author names, which are profile values that can be assigned to various documents that designates you as the author or owner of those documents. This field is managed by your firm's repository administrator. 

Author Description - Depending on your repository settings, your Author Key may also have an Author Description associated with it. This is also managed by your firm's repository administrator. 

An Author Key cannot be changed. The Description can be changed at any time. Using the same example as above, I might have the Author Key of RED (using my initials) and my Author Description might be Robert E. Duncan. I can have the description changed to Bob Duncan, and my Author Key will remain RED. 

If you need to change your Author Key, your administrator must add a new value or key, so that both the old key and the new key are in the lookup table together. You will then need to re-profile all the existing documents to the new Author Key. The old Author Key can then be removed.