Using the Power Bar and Details Pane



The Power bar appears on List Views and allows users easy access to document options. 


Go to More to see more options. 

Users will have the option to display either the Preview pane or the Details pane on the right-hand side by clicking the icon in the Power Bar:


Click the X to close the pane. 

Details Pane

The Details pane shows specific information about the selected document. 

Preview Pane

On the Preview pane, users can also open the document in the Viewer in a separate window by clicking the pop-out icon:


Or, under More, users can use View in Browser to open the Viewer in a separate window, allowing all panes to display together:


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    Well written and easy to follow.  When I follow the Ctrl-Click | View in Browser a separate window opens instead of the side-by-side display.  Judie M. Guignion

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