Re-send the Welcome Email to New Users


If you have added a new user to your repository and either chose to not send them the Welcome Email or you sent it and they did not receive it, you can re-send it using one of the following options:

An entire User Group: 

1. From the repository administration page, click "Add and Remove Users and Groups."

2. On this page, scroll to the bottom and select the desired User Group. Double-click the group name to open it.

3. This will open the Modify User Group dialog. Check the "Send Welcome Message" checkbox at the bottom. Click OK.

This will send a welcome message to all users in that group, even those who have already logged in to their account. The welcome email is slightly different than the one received by a new user or a user who has not logged in.

If there are users in the group that you do not want the welcome message sent to, you may need to create a new group and add just the users that you would like to send it to.

An Individual User

You can also highlight specific users in a group from the Modify Group dialog, and the message will be sent to only those users. 

Also, if an individual user has logged in at some point, you (or the user) can click the "Need login assistance?" link on the Login page and enter the email address or username in order to set up a password.

All Internal Users who have not logged in

You can also send the Welcome Message from the Modify Group dialog for the Internal Users group, and this message will be sent to all users who have NOT logged in yet.