Advanced Filing


You may need to file one document into two different folders (with the same Document ID) rather than having two separate copies of the document in each folder. There are two different methods that you can use to accomplish this.   

1. Search method

With this method, you will need to bring up the document in a list view other than the folder that it is currently filed in (Search, Recent Docs, etc.). You can then check the box next to the document and go to More Options and select the Move/Copy option. Here you will need to select the other folder that you want the document filed in and use the "Move" option to move it. This will file the document in the selected folder but it will not remove the document from any folders it may already be filed in.     

2. Advanced Filing method

The second method you can use is referred to as "Advanced Filing." You will first need to go to your Settings menu at the top-right and go to Application Settings. Here you will see the Advanced Filing option. Check the box next to it and then click OK.  


NOTE: After selecting the Advanced Filing check box, you are able to file a document from any location in NetDocuments.


Once this is enabled, open the folder that the document is currently filed in and select the document. Click More Options on the right and click the Move/Copy option. You will notice a third button called "File" at the bottom.


This option will file the document into the selected folder but it will not remove it from any folders it is already filed in. When a document is filed in more than one folder, any edits made to the document will be reflected in each folder. They are "links" to the same document (same Doc ID).

Another option that is included with the Advanced Filing feature is the "Unfile from folder" option listed under More Options:


You will only see this option if you select a document while viewing the item in a folder; it will not show up if you are in a Search Result or workspace view. This option will unfile the document from the folder that you are currently viewing but it will leave the document in any other folders it may be filed in. 

NOTE: The Advanced Filing option will only be available if you do NOT have the "Force filing in a folder" option selected on your Cabinet Admin page

How Security Can Be Applied

Let's take a look at how profile inheritance works when filing a document to a folder or folders. There are many ways in which security can be applied in NetDocuments. 

  • Profile-based security (PBS) is a method of applying security on items based on specific profile values. A Repository Administrator must activate and configure this security before it can be used. This type of access can only be utilized in cabinets that have active profile attributes. Any cabinet in the repository that uses this attribute will have that security applied.

If you re-profile an item, and the new profile value includes PBS, the security will be updated on that item.

  • Container-Based Security

Security inheritance is a simple concept within the NetDocuments system. In general, the access of an item will be determined by where it is filed.

When filing to Folders , you must consider folder security inheritance as well as PBS. If folder security inheritance is on, a document filed to a folder will not get PBS but will instead get the access setting of the folder. (If a security attribute in the document’s profile is subsequently changed, then PBS will be applied.) Folder inheritance simply means that an item saved in a folder will inherit the access that is set on the folder. This feature is controlled by the Cabinet Administrator. If it is off, then other security factors such as cabinet default access and PBS will determine the access on the document.

To modify the access list of a document or folder, see the link: