Setting up Custom Scanner Profiles for SDSS Scanners


If you have an HP SDSS Scanner, you can set up a custom profile to use in connection with NetDocuments. 

1. Open up the HP Smart Document Scan Software from the Start Menu.

2. Click “New” to add a new Profile.  You can name the profile whatever you want but if it has the word “NetDocuments” in it, it will show up when you click the “Scan Image” button in NetDocs. 


3. Most of the settings you can to your preferences, but there are a few that you will need to set up specifically.  On the Process tab you will need to select the “Detect barcodes” option.


4. Under Barcode Settings you will need to select the following:


5. On the Destination tab you will need to select the NetDocs AutoImport folder (the settings for the AutoImport will need to be enabled under Settings).


6. For the File Type you can select PDF and under the Settings you can set it up like this:


7. Under “Send Documents to”, select Application and under Settings choose the following:


Then you should be all set! You can set up multiple different Profiles if you like.