Error 80070046



The following error can occur if a user checks out a document and while the document is checked out, the document in ND is either deleted or the user's access gets removed from it and then the user tries to check it back in.   


The document failed to upload due to a service problem. (Error 80070046)


The best way to resolve this would be to rename the user's Echo Folder using the steps outlined here.

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    Big thanks to Mike and Jennifer for their help in diagnosing and discovering the fix for this error!

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    I have a user who got this error while importing a new document from the web. Have you seen it come up in any other scenarios?

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    Hi Karl,
    No, I haven't visited this issue in a long time and, honestly, I haven't seen it come up again to the point where I had to reference this error message number. Send in the details to, let's dig through this and figure out what happened.

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