MAPI error when sending email from NetDocuments


In NetDocuments if you have the "Desktop Email Integration" enabled in your Settings menu, the Email Link and Email Copy options will use your default mail client (Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.) to send the email message. These buttons will use a "MAPI" call to open up the email message. This is the same call that is used by various other applications and features within Windows. For example, if you were to right-click on a document on your PC and choose "Send to > Mail Recipient" it would use this MAPI call to open the email message. Occasionally we have had reports from customers who either get a "Simple MAPI error 2" error message (see below) when using Email Link/Copy or the options won't work at all.  


This is generally caused by an issue with either the MAPI interface on the PC or by an issue with the mail client itself. A good troubleshooting step would be to try one of the other functions that uses this same MAPI call, like the Send to > Mail Recipient option, to determine where the issue lies.

Another solution reported by a customer stated:

"In our environment, the cause of this issue was having IE running in Protected Mode for the zone in which was contained.

Via group policy, we place into our Intranet Zone so that it will be treated as a trusted site. We also turn on Protected Mode for the Intranet Zone to run a web-based utility for deploying software to our computers. This is supposed to be temporary, but it never affected anything else so we often leave it enabled. In each case where our users were experiencing the MAPI error when attempting to Email Copy via ND web using the email client integration, we found that Protected Mode was enabled for the Intranet Zone in IE. Once disabling Protected Mode for the Intranet Zone and re-starting IE, the issue went away.

IE > Tools> Internet Options > Security > (select whichever zone falls into in your environment) > Uncheck “Enable Protected Mode.”


We have found various articles and posts related to this on the web that might be useful in troubleshooting issues with MAPI calls. Here are a few that we have come across:


We have also heard of cases where the Windows UAC will block MAPI calls, so you can try disabling this to see if that is causing the issue in your case. If you are using Server 2012 or 2012 R2 you may need to disable UAC by editing the registry as per this article: 

The issue may also be remedied by repairing or re-installing the Mail Client on the PC.