Known issues with Doc ID in footers in Word documents



NOTE: This article applies to our "Application Integrations".  For information about ndOffice, please click here

With our Microsoft Word Integration included with the Application Integrations, you have 4 options in placing the Doc ID in the document:

1) No Doc ID in the document.

2) At the end of the document text.

3) Into the footer of each page except the first page.

4) Into the footer of each page including the first page.

See our Help site to learn how to modify the Word Integration

If you choose to put the Doc ID in the footer, you will need to be aware of some potential issues:  

Sometimes, the Doc ID won't be inserted into the footer (even if it is set to do so) in order to preserve text and formatting in the existing footer of the document. Inserting the Doc ID may often cause the existing text to be overwritten or to lose its formatting. 

Your firm may have a third-party add-in for Word that inserts the Doc ID (and perhaps other information) into the document. We often see conflicts between the NetDocuments add-in and other add-ins when it comes to the Doc ID. 

For the best results, we recommend placing the Doc ID at the end of the text (or not at all) in order to avoid issues with document footers. Talk with your system administrator to discuss which options work best for your firm. 

Some of our customers also use iDocID - a third party add-in - in order to have more Doc ID placement features. See our Marketplace for more information regarding this add-in:

Location of the file

There are also two options in where to install the file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\STARTUP (when installed for All Users)

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP (when installed for Just Me - recommended)

If the Word Integration is installed/re-installed improperly, there could be two files - one in each location. The integration will not work properly if there are two files on the same computer. For example, if one file is set to Option 2 and the other file is set to Option 3, you may get two Doc IDs inserted into the document. When troubleshooting, check both of these locations and delete one where it is not needed. 

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