.NET Framework in Windows 8 and Windows 10



The NetDocuments client side software requires .NET 2.0. By default .NET 2.0 is turned OFF in Windows 8 and 10 so the feature must be turned on before installing any NetDocuments client side software.

Software Affected:

  • Application Integrations
  • EMS Folders
  • EMS Profiler
  • Folder Import
  • Mass Export
  • Desktop Scanner Utility

This setting is in the Control Panel. In Windows 8 and 10 you can do this by moving your cursor to the extreme bottom left corner of the screen and right mouse clicking which will give you a menu from which you can select Control Panel.  Open the control panel and click "Programs and Features". In the upper left corner of the Programs and Features screen click the option to "Turn Windows features on or off". Expand ".NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)" and check both options as shown below and click OK.


When Windows completes the requested changes click close and you should now be ready to install the NetDocuments client side software.

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    Confused - as I just upgraded to Win 10 and am reinstalling everything to get all my ND plug ins to work (this is as of 1-31-16) and when I tried to activate .NET Framework 4.6 (4.5 no longer on the list in the above dialog), it automatically advised that such a choice would required 3.5 to be deselected. Since 4.5 or higher is needed with ndOffice current release, I went ahead and accepted that. We will see if that works.
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