Undelete a Document


If you have deleted a document in your NetDocuments account and would like to undelete it, you will first need to go to the Advanced Search page:


On the Advanced Search page, you will need to select the Cabinet that the document is in, then check the "Deleted Items Only" checkbox at the bottom (you may need to click "Show More Options" to see this option): 


This will search for all deleted documents in the cabinet that you have access to. If you would like to enter additional criteria to narrow down the results you can add that as well.  

Once the results are displayed and you have located the document you would like to undelete, you can check the box next to the document name and go to "More Options" on the right and click the "Undelete" option: 


You will then be asked where you would like to file the document and you can select the Folder/Workspace that you want to file it in.


To undelete the document but leave it unfiled in the cabinet, simply click OK. The document will be filed based on its existing profile details. 

NOTE: In this dialog, users will not be able to select a workspace that is not already in their Recent or Favorite workspaces lists. 

If the document has been permanently deleted or you would like to revert a version back to a previous date you may be able to use the Rollback option to restore it. 

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