Scan a Document


Users can scan a document directly to NetDocuments using any TWAIN scanner. NetDocuments offers a Desktop Scanner Connector to facilitate scanning items directly into NetDocuments.  

To launch the Scanner Connector, go to your Start Menu and select Desktop Scanner Connector OR go to Add > Scanned Image:


The Connector will search for any TWAIN scanners that are connected directly to the PC.

If there is only one TWAIN scanner configured on the workstation, the scanner connector will display the scanning dialog for the scanner after selecting "Scan Now…"


Use your scanner's dialog to configure the settings for the scanner and to initiate the scan. 

After all pages have been scanned the scanner interface will look for barcodes on the scanned pages. Any pages containing a recognized barcode will be treated as separators and will not be included in the imported documents. The pages will be stored as image PDF files.

A browser window will open where you will be prompted to import the documents by selecting a filing location. 

The scanner interface will upload each PDF file, displaying a progress bar while doing so. 

If any of the page groups were preceded by a barcode for an image the scanned document is stored as a new, official version of that document. Otherwise the scanned document is stored as a new document. If the first page included a barcode for a folder, the folder will be pre-selected as a filing destination.