Workspace Access


Modifying the Workspace Access List

You can modify a workspace's Access List by going to Workspace Options > Modify Access: 


You will first see the workspace's current Access List:


To modify the existing Access List, click "Modify Access." 


NOTE: Changes made in this dialog will not be automatically applied to the existing documents, folders, or filters that may be on the workspace. These items can have their access changed in bulk in a separate action.

At the left, you will see all Users and/or Groups that are available to add or remove. At the right, are those users and groups that already have access to the workspace.

There are two User Lists available for selection from the User Groups drop down:

  1. Cabinet Membership List (Cabinet default)
  2. Individual Groups and Users (Internal and External Groups)

Cabinet Members default

This selection contains all Groups previously defined by a Cabinet Administrator at the cabinet level, and includes the rights granted to those groups at that level to be used as a default. By clicking on Details, you will see any and all Groups defined by an administrator. For example, suppose a cabinet administrator created a group named Sales in the Cabinet administration area, and granted that group VE rights by default, and a group named Engineering with group rights of VES. In addition, there are 25 other cabinet members, but the administrator does not include any of them in a defined user group. By adding Cabinet Members Default to the "People Sharing This Workspace" access list, all users of the Sales and Engineering group membership will be included in the Access List. The access rights of this Default set of Groups cannot be changed. Learn more about the Cabinet Membership List.

Individual Groups and Users

By selecting an Individual User or User Group, you can narrow the access of the workspace. Groups are separated into Internal and External groups. If the Cabinet Administrator included it, there will be a group called Internal Users which includes all internal users. You can grant access to that entire group or any individual user within that group.

If you want to select an individual from a group, click on the Group name and each of the members will be displayed in the box underneath. You can then specify individuals with whom to share, rather than just a group.

Profile-Based Security

Your Cabinet Administrator may have configured your workspaces to have a certain access list based on the security set on the Profile values in your Lookup tables. If the workspace is deleted or reset, any custom access changes outside of what has been set on the Cabinet or Profile attributes will be lost. Learn more about Profile-Based Security.